Visual Display Boards

Whether you’re looking for a typical 8′ x 4′ marker board or an elaborate custom layout of tack boards and marker boards, BMS has the resources to make the project a success.


Markerboard Styles
  • Framed Markerboard with Blade Tray
  • Framed Markerboard with Box Tray
  • Markerboard & Tack Board Combination Boards
  • Unframed Markerboard with J-Trim Surrounding It
  • Sliding Markerboards
  • Sliding Markerboards in Casework


Tack Board Styles
  • Framed Natural Cork Tack Board
  • Framed Vinyl Tack Board
  • Framed Fabric Tack Boards
  • Framed Forbo Tack Board
  • Markerboard & Tack Board Combination Boards


Maprail Options
  • 1” and 2” Maprail
  • Forbo Insert
  • Natural Cork Insert
  • Vinyl Insert


Tack Board Backing

  • Fiberboard
  • Hardboard
  • Micore